How Built Out is Lake James?

We get this question almost as much as “how deep is the lake?” so I figured I would take advantage of the slower time before the summer rush and actually count ever waterfront lot on Lake James, besides it is a much easier question to answer than the lake depth question.

Here is what I came up with, 749 waterfront homes and 596 undeveloped waterfront lots. I even broke the list down by communities and further broke the list down by communities according to what decade they were developed. It was all very interesting and you can see this break down on your LinkedIn page. Not that we ever expect anyone to check that page, but it is full of interesting and useless information like this.

The bottom line is there are becoming fewer and fewer waterfront lots, and to find a quality waterfront lot has become even more challenging. Many of the lots that are out there never should have been a lot, but developers in the mid 80’s and 90’s didn’t care much about laying out a lot that fit the topography because they knew that if they priced it low enough someone would buy it.

Our advice to people looking at lots is come see us, we know what we are doing! #nclakejames #lakejames #lakejamesnc

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