Worst Question in Real Estate

“Why hasn’t it sold?” This is like asking someone over the age of 30 why aren’t they married.

Seriously, how does one go about answering this question? Is it price? Is there something terribly wrong with the property? Why has no one bought it? Has it been on the market too long? It has not been on the market long enough? Is it you? Is it me?

Internally, the buyers must be thinking…It is what we are looking for, it is in our price range, it meets all of our criteria. Why hasn’t someone bought it before us? What is wrong with it? What is wrong with what we want? We want what everyone else wants, maybe we should wait and see what happens.

Inevitably the property sells and the buyers will forever compare what they are looking at today to what they could have had yesterday. The fear of making a mistake, that leads to decision paralysis becomes so overwhelming, that in the end, they fall under the category of eternal lookers.

I am wondering if we should only show prospects with this mentality what someone else has purchased and that they can’t have. Who knows, maybe it will result in more sales. If someone can help me come up with a better way to answer this horrible question, I will buy them Fonta Flora beverage of their choice!

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