Why we have to give Zillow money and hate it

Y’all ever go on Zillow? Don’t lie, we know you do. Everyone does, apparently.

Ever wonder how it works? Well, basically, we hand over our MLS data and money to them because we know you go to their website and our listing clients need your attention. It’s that simple.

Why does it suck? Well, as a Zillow Premier Agent, let me be frank on a few points:

  • It pits agents against each other. To make Zillow’s list as a contact for a listing you visit in a particular zip code, you have to “out bid” other agents in that zip code.
  • Their mapping stinks. Sometimes because agents mark it wrong, but mostly because it just stinks.
  • Have a problem with something? Be prepared to take that to your grave. That is, unless you’re paying them. In that case you’ll hear from them in 4 to 7 business years.
  • The “Zestimate.” Need I elaborate? Hope there aren’t any mobile homes near your waterfront mansion. On the flip side, your mobile home looks pretty good if you can get it underpinned near Doral.
  • It only uses zip codes as dividing lines. I don’t know that much about Tar Pit Hollar south of Yonder Patch, but I’m learning.
  • It is expensive. Just heard from a friend that some high-end areas are paying Zillow $20K per month. Geez.
  • The public may not be getting the best agent for the job, just the agent that pays Zillow the most. Sad but true. And, if you’re able to figure out who the listing agent is, you should be working for the CIA.

Y’all ever try REALTOR.COM?