No, not what car you drive, mansion you own, single, married or “it’s complicated” status. We are talking real estate! In real estate jargon we have Active, Under Contract, Pending and Closed for our various statuses in real estate. These are fine and do a good job letting the buyers and sellers of this great nation know what they do and do not have a opportunity to purchase. However, we are missing a major status that we feel would really help in the buying and selling process.

The negotiating status. Why is this not a thing? Think about all the buyers that look at a property, they love it, it meets everything they have told you they are looking for and low and behold, they do not make an offer. In fact they come at you with one of my all time favorite lines, “why hasn’t it sold?”

Grrrr. So they are saying they only want it if someone else wants it? Like watching our two dogs fight over the same bone even though we have provided each with enough cow femurs to make our living room floor look like the Chicago stockyards of the 1880s.

We at the Lake James Team would be thrilled to be able to have button to click that says “NEGOTIATING” or “OFFER In PROGRESS”. Think about all those buyers that may come out of the wood works and make offers thus possibly resulting in the seller making more money?!? If I got an offer in writing, the first thing I would do would be to change that listings status! It would feel so go to let the world know that we have two people interested in trying to make a deal.

We do recognize that this proposal is not without a potential downside. If you were representing just the buyer and this status change caused another buyer to make an offer it might not work out for you, but it would encourage your buyer to quit screwing around and make the best and strongest offer possible instead of a terrible low-ball that is never going to work out and wastes everyone’s time and energy.

We feel that the upside far outweighs the downside and would like to see the MLS of the world and/or the Zillow’s of the world make this “a thing” to use the parlance of the younger generation.

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